King Of The Hammers Race

Another great adventure!!! We spent 5 days camping and race prepping out in Johnson Valley with Jenner Racing. We got to race a Polaris Razor XP1000 at the Ultra 4 Racing King of the Hammers race thanks to Burt and Bruce Jenner. We cant thank Burt and Bruce enough for giving us this opportunity to take on this challenge with them. Huge shout out to Rugged Radios for letting us borrow 3 brand new carbon fiber helmets when ours didn’t pass tech inspection! Also thanks to Super for the 2 front axles to get us back in the race and we owe another race team (we didn’t get your contact info) for 2 rear axles they gave up to help our combat veterans get back in the fight! PRP seats came thru with some seat belts and tool bags ! We met some amazing people at this race and we appreciate all the support. We did not finish because we broke our Razor but we will be back next year without a doubt! this is one the toughest races out there with only a few finishers…

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