Photography Therapy

Warrior Built, “Photography Therapy”


  • Regularly scheduled meetings consisting of photography lessons & workshops through a Round Table learning environment
  • Photography Critiques
  • Build skills to produce high quality images for personal use, social media and portfolio building
  • Learn how to market and sell images
  • Curate a “Warrior Built Photo Book” of images taken by participants to be sold as a Fund Raiser for the Warrior Built (Table Top Photo Book)

If you are interested in joining this Warrior Built group please signup Here

We meet as a group in the shop for classroom discussion on Thursday Evenings and in the field for “Photo Shoots”

Follow Along with the Troop 323 Photographers

Warrior Built Photography Group


AS A REMINDER Next Week, bring with you to class; 10 Images (jpg) from Week 1 12 Image, 4 sets ...
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Warrior Built, Photography Therapy

First Night, Photography Therapy

First Night, Photography Therapy Warrior Built hosted the first evening of Photography Therapy and all went well! As a reminder ...
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Warrior Built Photo Therapy Project.

Photography Therapy Update

The Warrior Built Photography Therapy Program is coming along and with the end game of publishing a “Warrior Built Photo ...
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Warrior Built Photography Group

Warrior Built Photography Project

Warrior Built Photography Project Warrior Built is pleased to announce that we are adding a Photography Therapy program to our ...
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Our Work

Photography Therapy Sponsors

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Jared Polin, Fro Knows Photo


Jared Polin, Fro Knows Photo, has gifted us with a copy of his Video Guide “The FroKnowsPhoto Beginners Guide” to be used as a reference for the Troop 232 Photographers.

This video guide is packed full of explanations and demonstrations to help our Veterans understand how to use their camera to the fullest!

We appreciate this awesome support and look forward to sharing the images we make with you, in a “Warrior Built” Rapid Fire Critique.

Thank You Jared!

FroKnowsPhoto – WebSite

FroKnowsPhoto – YouTube

Voodoo TacticalVoodoo Tactical

Steve at Voodoo Tactical has been great with us here at Warrior Built. In addition to sponsoring our Shooting Team, he has just kicked in USB Flash Drives for the Troop. These Awesome Thumb Drives will be used to turn photo’s in for critique.

Thank You Steve! and everyone at Voodoo Tactical.

Voodoo Tactical – WebSite

Voodoo Tactical – InstaGram

If you would like to support the Warrior Built Photo Program, please contact us here

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