Warrior Built Photography Project

Warrior Built Photography Project

Warrior Built is pleased to announce that we are adding a Photography Therapy program to our list of activities. This is a volunteer group of members who are working together to learn and improve the skills and techniques to create quality images.

If you are interested in joining this group, please click >>HERE<< and sign up.

The Vision

  • Regularly scheduled meetings consisting of photography lessons & workshops through a Round Table learning environment
  • Photography Critiques
  • Build skills to produce high quality images for personal use, social media and portfolio building
  • Learn how to market and sell images
  • Curate a “Warrior Built Photo Book” of images taken by participants to be sold as a Fund Raiser for the Warrior Built (Table Top Photo Book)

This program is in the planning stages at the present but we wanted to announce it and start taking names of those who want to go from taking “Snap Shots” to “Making Pictures”

Warrior Built Photography GroupAnticipated Questions

  1. Do I need an Expensive Camera? No a Smart Phone with an Application that will allow you to shoot in a RAW format and allows the ability to control fStop / Apperature / Shutter Speed is all that is needed.
  2. Will this take a lot of time? You will get out of it, what you put into it. THe more time you spend learning and shooting outside of the group time the faster your skill will improve.
  3. I know absolutely nothing about photography, Can I still participate? Yes you can. We will begin with the basics and build upon them.
  4. Will this cost me any money? I would Love to say NO, however, it may. With that having been said, We are committed to keeping the cost as low as possible. We are seeking sponsorship’s and compiling resources for No cost equipment and software, in addition to training materials and miscellaneous necessities.
  5. Do I need a Computer? You will need access to a computer for image processing. Fortunately, Warrior Built has that covered already! If you are shooting on a smartphone, you may need an application fro image processing as well.
  6. What can I do with the Pictures I take? That will be broken down in detail in class, but what you do with your images is up to you. We do ask that if an Image is going to be used for the Warrior Built Coffee Table book, that they not be published elsewhere.
  7. Will I be created as the photographer in the Book? Absolutely! in addition to that, we are going to cover Social Media Marketing, Building an Online Portfolio, selling Stock Images and several other aspects of Photography as a business.

If this sounds interesting to you, Please click >>HERE<< and sign up. You will be added to the Photography Therapy Group list.

Brian Colburn Will be running Point on this project so please feel free to email him any questions you may have.

Brian Colburn

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